Creative Quarantine Artworks

Ahmet Prošić ~ BiH

Danijela Obajdin ~ BIH

Tea Jurišić ~ CRO

Tea Jurišić ~ CRO

Nera Džanić ~ AUT

Tea Jurišić ~ CRO

Azim Mandžuka ~ BIH

Azim Mandžuka ~ BIH

Azim Mandžuka ~ BIH

Nera Džanić ~ AUT

Vana Bašić ~ CRO

Ahmet Prošić ~ BiH

Kansu Özden ~ TUR

Dejan Slavuljica ~ BiH

Emina Škaljić ~ BiH

About CQ

What is CQ?

Creative Quarantine

Due to the COVID-19 Corona pandemic, we have decided to create a digital platform called Creative Quarantine, which aims to raise public awareness about the prevention of virus spread through design, visual communications and artwork. Globally! You are welcome too! STAY AT HOME & BE CREATIVE, create your own artwork, posters, illustrations, graphics, photos and / or videos, and send it to us.

The Creative Quarantine platform aims to share creative ideas and encourage others to express themselves creatively in a time of isolation that is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus.

What are we looking for...

Artworks that through design and art help in prevention of the spread of the virus, and promote a positive mood during the isolation period. The purpose of Creative Quarantine platform is to continually raise awareness of these following specific and relevant topics that we would like to emphasize during the pandemic: • The importance of adhering to mandatory protection measures (washing hands regularly and frequently, keeping a minimum distance of 2 meters, making public social distance), • Mental health care in isolation, especially in vulnerable categories of people (children, the elderly and infirm people), • The importance of maintaining online contacts with your loved ones, • Raising awareness of the importance of following and sharing information from reliable and relevant official online platforms, expert sources and media channels, while emphasizing the avoidance of platforms prone to spreading false news and sensationalism. • The importance of special support for health professionals, medical workers and public services concerned with health and safety in all countries affected by the threat of COVID-19.

Your works can inspire people all around the world to #StayHome, #BeSafe, while sharing creativity even though we are separated.


Send us your Artworks

Send Us Your Artworks

Visualize your motivating global messages into posters, animations, cartoons, comics, illustrations, graphics, photos and videos in formats below. The official language of visual communication is English. Technical quality of the work should be appropriate for the Web as well as for printing. Send your artworks to our mail with the information Name_Surname_City_Country included in the name of the file.

Published artworks will remain at one digital place ( ) as an eternal reminder of the difficult times we have gone through together, because we followed the CQ slogan: STAY AT HOME AND BE CREATIVE. Only original and authorized works will be a part of the CQ2020 digital platform archive and they can not be used for any other purposes instead of promoting creative ideas. Any exploitation of works for monetary or other purposes is prohibited.

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